Co. Dublin Wreck List "D"
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Vessel Type:

Paddle Steamer

Location:Co. Dublin
Date of Loss:15th February 1853Place:Howth
Cause of Loss:Foundered in stormBoat Dive from:Howth Harbour
Charted Depth:20mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 50
Height of Wreck:5mAdmiralty Chart No:1415
Hull Material:WoodLatitude (GPS):53 21.50 North
Type of Seabed:SandLongitude (GPS):06 03.00 West
Average Visibility:8 - 10mDiving Experience:Experienced
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Diving Information:
  • Lies close to the Bailey Lighthouse, Howth, in 20m in a North-South direction.
  • Consists mainly of boilers and remains of the engine, along with anchors and her paddle wheels.
  • The hull was cut open to just above the bilge’s.
  • Extensive fish life, but is close to a sewage outfall.
  • Best dived 2 hours after High Water only.
  • Permission is required to dive the wreck.
  • Warning!! Subject to strong currents outside dive window.
Historical Information:
  • Built in 1838 by Wilson of Glasgow to a very high specification, she gave its owners The City Of Dublin Steam Packet Company excellent service.
  • She measured 150ft long, weighed 333 net tons, and was powered by a 2 cylinder steam engine.
  • When returning from Liverpool with general cargo and passengers in a snowstorm she struck Howth Head in the middle of the night.
  • After backing off, she struck again under the Bailey Lighthouse and went down just 100 yds south of the lighthouse.
  • Over 80 people were lost and a subsequent enquiry blamed the captain, first mate and those responsible for the lighthouse.
  • Attempts to raise the vessel failed and she was broken open and salvaged in situ.
  • The wreck is protected by The National Monuments Act (Historic Wreck).
  • Surveyed in 1985 by M.S.A.C. for O.P.W. and Maritime Museum.

Sister ship "P.S. Prince of Wales"

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Co. Dublin Wreck List "D"

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