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Last update - 18-May-2005

Grid Map C7
M.Y. Alastor  Lat:54^ 27.06'N  Long:05^ 37.71'WS.S. Amber  Lat:54^ 28' 16.2"N  Long:05^ 23' 03.6"WS.S. Upas  Lat:54^ 28' 47.7"N  Long:05^ 24' 59.46"WS.S. Neotsfield  Lat:54^ 31' 37.86"N  Long:05^ 23' 16.38"WS.V. Loch Sunart  Lat:54^ 32' 02"N  Long:05^ 27' 22"WS.S. Beechgrove  Lat:54^ 10' 30"N  Long:05^ 51' 20"WS.S. Kilbroney  Lat:54^ 16' 51.18"N  Long:05^ 31' 39.96"WStrangford LoughS.S. Saint Barchan  Lat:54^ 14' 50"N  Long:05^ 31' 63"WS.S. Harold  Lat:54^ 26' 01.68"N  Long:05^ 23' 41.76"W