Rathlin Island Wreck List
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Vessel Type:

Government Transport Steamer

Location:Co. Antrim
Date of Loss:5th February 1918Place:Rathlin Island
Cause of Loss:TorpedoedBoat Dive from:Ballycastle
Charted Depth:108mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 5
Height of Wreck:16mAdmiralty Chart No:2798
Hull Material:SteelLatitude (GPS):55° 29' 22.2" North
Type of Seabed:Longitude (GPS):06° 20' 39" West
Average Visibility:Very poorConvert Lat. & Long. to -Decimal - CLICK HERE
Image available?Yes - see below Diving Experience:Specialist Diving
Diving Information:
  • Lies approximately 7 miles North Rathlin Island Lighthouse
  • Sitting upright with list to starboard, but decks are partly collapsed.
  • Both bells have been recovered, one by Norman Woods of Portstewart SAC in 1997.
  • Subject to strong currents with only a small ‘slack’ window.
  • A Tri-Mix dive for the very very experienced.
  • Normal light conditions are black.
Historical Information:
  • Built by Alexander Stephens & Sons Ltd., Govan, for the Anchor Line in 1914, she grossed 14,348 tons and measured 567 x 66.6 x 45 ft., with accommodation for 2,500 passengers.
  • Steam was produced by six large double-ended Scotch boilers giving her 17.5 knots maximum..
  • Was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and was "HMS Tuscania" when she sank.
  • Bound for the U.K. from Halifax, Nova Scotia in convoy HX20 consisting of about 20 ships, she was torpedoed by UB-77.
  • A stray torpedo exploded on under the cliffs at Altacarry lighthouse.
  • Of the 2,235 aboard (2,030 American troops), 166 were lost.

S.S. Tuscania


S.S. Tuscania bell

Norman Woods - 1997


S.S. Tuscania

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Rathlin Island Wreck List

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