North Co. Donegal Wreck List
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Vessel Type:

Auxiliary Schooner

Location:Co. Donegal
Date of Loss:1952Place:Melmore Head
Cause of Loss:Struck rocksBoat Dive from:Downings
Charted Depth:23mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 2
Height of Wreck:2mAdmiralty Chart No:2699
Hull Material:IronLatitude:55° 15' 00.24" North
Type of Seabed:Rocks and shaleLongitude:07° 49' 38.28" West
Average Visibility:10mConvert Lat. & Long. to -Decimal - CLICK HERE
No image available.Diving Experience:Experienced
Diving Information:
  • Lies at the foot of a cleft in the rock at Frenchman’s Rock.
  • Surrounded by deep gullies to 30m.
  • Auxiliary diesel engine and large plates lying around.
  • Launch from Dowings Harbour.
  • Best dived at Slack Water.
Historical Information:
  • Auxiliary diesel engined schooner grossing 224 tons.
  • Position approximate.
  • Bound Ards for Garston on the Mersey with silica she struck Frenchman’s Rock and sank within minutes.
  • The crew of five managed to row a lifeboat to Downings.
  • She was commanded by Captain James Hagen of Ramelton.
Source Publications:
"Donegal Shipwrecks"
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"Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast 1105 – 1993"
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Other Sources:
Royal Navy

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North Co. Donegal Wreck List

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