South Co. Down Wreck List "C"
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Vessel Type:

4 Masted Full Rig

Location:Co. Down
Date of Loss:7th November 1916Place:South Rock
Cause of Loss:Ran agroundBoat Dive from:Portaferry or Strangford
Charted Depth:10mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 21
Height of Wreck:1 - 2mAdmiralty Chart No:2093 and/or 2156
Hull Material:IronLatitude (approx.):54° 23' 38.4" North
Type of Seabed:RocksLongitude (approx.):05° 25' 39.6" West
Average Visibility:10 - 15mConvert Lat. & Long. to -Decimal - CLICK HERE
Image available?Yes - see below Diving Experience:Novice
Diving Information:
  • Lies at the East end of South Rock.
  • Sitting upright, with decking collapsed inside the hull.
  • Best dived in small groups as silt takes a long time to settle.
  • Still a lot to see.
  • To date the ship's bell has not been found, but a gun-metal signal bell with brass clapper has been recovered.
  • Steer 60' towards lighthouse, and use fishfinder on your sounder to locate wreck, as the wreck itself won't show on the screen.
  • Dive 3 hours before High Water Belfast.

Historical Information:

  • Built as the "County of Edinburgh" in 1885 by Barclay Curle & Co., Glasgow, for R. & J. Craig of Glasgow.
  • She grossed 1,995 tons and measured 87.02 x 12.92 x 7.39m.
  • Sold to German owners in 1904, finally to sold to M. Lundqvist, Wardo, Finland.
  • Twenty-eight days out from Mobile for Greenock, her cargo of timber shifted in a storm, she hit the South Rock.
  • Attempts to drag her off failed.
  • Captain Donner and twenty crew rowed ashore at Kearney.
  • Prior to this fateful journey she had been flung ashore during a hurricane at Mobile, and had to be refloated.
S.V. Frieda

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South Co. Down Wreck List "C"

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