Sail Vessel constructionWooden construction unless otherwise stated.
Steamer constructionSteel unless otherwise stated.
TonnageNo distinction has been made between gross or net tonnage (imperial).
DimensionsImperial Feet & Inches unless otherwise stated.
Latitude/LongitudeAccurate marks have "GPS" in brackets beside Lat/Long., otherwise they have been calculated from an Admiralty Chart by survivors of the wreck, or by divers who have visited the site.
DistancesGiven in Imperial measurement only.
Origin of vesselOrigin is that of the vessel's Port of Registry e.g. "London Barque"
"OFF" & "NEAR"Position unknown but within a few miles of the Location the vessel is listed under.
Bombed by U-Boat -Bombs or Scuttling Charges placed on-board by U-Boat's crew, after vessel's crew have been allowed to abandon ship.
Shelled by U-Boat -Vessel sunk by gunfire from U-Boat with or without vessel's crew escaping beforehand.
FounderedFilled with water and sank.
Went/Drove/Ran ashore or strandedStruck the shore/beach/sand bank while still under power/sail. In most cases the vessel probably was salvaged unless stated that it was "wrecked" once aground.


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