Strangford Lough Wreck List
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Vessel Type:

Steam Trawler

Location:Co. Cork
Date of Loss:19th November 1917Place:Cork Harbour approaches
Cause of Loss:Mined Boat Dive from:Crosshaven
Charted Depth:42mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 81 & 87
Height of Wreck:3mAdmiralty Chart No:2092
Hull Material:SteelLatitude (approx.):See Text
Type of Seabed: Longitude (approx.):
Average Visibility:20mConvert Lat. & Long. to -Decimal - CLICK HERE
No image available.Diving Experience:Experienced

Diving Information:
  • Lies 1.5 miles South-East by South-Half-South from the Daunt Light.
  • Approx. position of Light - 51° 43'N by 08° 15'W.
  • The hull has collapsed.
  • A steam winch, boiler, engine, and propellor shaft remain in place.
  • WARNING!!!The remains of trawl nets hang on exposed parts of the wreck.
Historical Information:
  • Built by Alexander Hall & Co, Aberdeen, in 1915, at a cost of 3500 for the Ross Steam Trawl Fishing Company Ltd.
  • She grossed 264.5 tons, measured 125.3 x 23.5 x 13.5ft. and was constructed in steel.
  • In 1915 she was taken over by the Royay Navy and converted into a mine-sweeper.
  • She was armed with a 6lb Hotchkiss quickfire gun, and two type D depth charges.
  • She arrived in Cork in June to work on escort patrol, anti submarine patrol and minesweeping duties.
  • Struck by a mine during mine-sweeping duties with "HMT Indian Empire" she sank in 6 seconds.
  • All the crew were lost.
Source Publications:
"The Diveable Wrecks of Cork Harbour" Article by Timmy Carey
SubSea Magazine Summer 2009
ISSN 0791-475X3 No. 134
"Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast 1105 - 1993"

Dr. Edward J. Bourke

Edward J. Bourke 1998 - ISBN: 0952302705

Strangford Lough Wreck List

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