North Co. Antrim Wreck List
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Location:Co. Antrim
Date of Loss:27th October 1588Place:Lacada Point, Port na Spaniagh
Cause of Loss:Struck rocksBoat Dive from:Portballintrae or Ballycastle
Charted Depth:6mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 5
Height of Wreck:site onlyAdmiralty Chart No:2798
Hull Material:WoodLatitude (approx.):55° 14' 85" North
Type of Seabed:Rocks and sandLongitude (approx.):06° 30' 05" West
Average Visibility:6 - 10mDiving Experience:Protected Wreck
Image available?Yes - see below
Diving Information:
  • Diving is prohibited within a 300m area centred on the following position:- 55.14.85 North by 06.30.05 West.
  • Designated a Historic Wreck Site under the Protection of Wrecks Act, 1973.
  • The wreck itself no longer remains.
  • Any remains were excavated by archaeologist Robert Stenuit in 1967.
  • However, there is a very small possibility that some small trinket may be uncovered by the ever shifting sands.
Historical Information:
  • Part of the Spanish Armada, the Girona had come out of the battle relatively unscathed.
  • Having put into Killybegs for repairs and provisions, the master, Don Alonzo Martinez de Leiva decided to make for the Catholic west of Scotland.
  • In a storm she lost her rudder and was driven into Lacada Point just before midnight on the 27th. Between five and thirteen, out of 1,300 men onboard, survived.
  • The bay was named Port na Spaniagh - "the bay of Spaniards".
  • A Galleass differs from galleons, in that they have oar power as well as sails. This enables them to manoeuvre at close quarters, with or without wind.

S.V. Girona

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North Co. Antrim Wreck List

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