Co. Kerry Wreck List
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Vessel Type:

Large Steam Yacht

Location:Co. Down
Date of Loss: 6th March 1947Place:Cranfield Point
Cause of Loss:Sank under tow in galeBoat Dive from:Kilkeel
Charted Depth:38mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series Nos. 29 & 36
Height of Wreck:Broken up Admiralty Chart No:44
Hull Material:SteelLatitude (approx.):53° 57' 08" North
Type of Seabed:Rocks and sandLongitude (approx.):05° 55' 07" West
Average Visibility:10 - 12mConvert Lat. & Long. to -Decimal - CLICK HERE
Image available?Yes - see below Diving Experience:Experienced
Diving Information:
  • Badly broken up.
  • Lies 6 miles S.E. of Cranfield Point.
  • Launch from Kilkeel or Annalong
  • Little current.
  • Best winds are North, North West or West

Historical Information:

  • Built in steel in 1929 by Camper & Nicholsons, Southampton, she measured 208 x 30.8 x 15.6 feet and grossed 926 tons.
  • Her twin screws were powered by a 6 cylinder oil engine generating 67hp.
  • Owned by an American, Kingsley Macomber, she had been bombed, burnt out and sunk in 1941 at Portsmouth but later refloated and partly repaired.
  • In 1947 she was being towed to Greencastle for a major refit when she sank during a storm off Carlingford Lough.

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Co. Kerry Wreck List

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