Co. Cork Wreck List "E"
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Vessel Type:

2 Masted Steamer

Location:Co. Cork
Date of Loss:8th February 1871Place:Galley Head
Cause of Loss:Struck rocksBoat Dive from:Clonakilty
Charted Depth:30mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 89
Height of Wreck:5m & ScatteredAdmiralty Chart No:2092
Hull Material:IronLatitude (approx.):51° 31' 15" North
Type of Seabed:Sand & RocksLongitude (approx.):08° 57' 40" West
Average Visibility:8 - 10mConvert Lat. & Long. to -Decimal - CLICK HERE
No image available.Diving Experience:Very Experienced
Diving Information:
  • Lies only s few hundred yards East of the lighthouse at Dhulic Rock off Galley Head.
  • Covers an area of about 2 acres.
  • Consult local knowledge.
  • Note!! A permit is required to dive this wreck as it is over 100 years old.
  • Warning!! Subject to fierce tides.
Historical Information:
  • Built 1870 by McMillan's of Dumbarton.
  • She grossed 2,105 tons, measured 96.31 x 10.74 x 7.67 metres and had a flush deck with 2 masts.
  • She was the only ship ever owned by the Liverpool and Mississippi Steamship Co.
  • Bound New Orleans for Liverpool with a cargo of passengers, 4,100 bales of cotton, 3,000 bags of Indian corn, and 40 boxes of Mexican silver dollar coins ($240,000).
  • Having crossed the Atlantic under sail power, she then proceeded under steam power through thick fog. She ran straight against Dhulic Rock, off Galley Head Lighthouse, Co. Cork, and sank in 110ft. of water.
  • 41 crew and 4 passengers landed at Dirk Cove. Captain Williams managed to rescue 6 boxes of bullion before she sank.
  • There have been 3 separate salvage attempts since she sank, and to date about 60% of the silver has been recovered.
  • Estimated to be 100,000 worth still in or around the wreck.
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Co. Cork Wreck List "E"

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