South Co. Down Wreck List "A"
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Location:Co. Down
Date of Loss:2nd May 1917Place:Ballyhalbert
Cause of Loss:Scuttled by U-BoatBoat Dive from:Ballyhalbert
Charted Depth:46mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 21
Height of Wreck:7mAdmiralty Chart No:2093 and/or 2156
Hull Material:Iron & SteelLatitude (GPS):54° 28' 16.2" North
Type of Seabed:ShaleLongitude (GPS):05° 23' 03.6" West
Average Visibility:3 - 8mConvert Lat. & Long. to -Decimal - CLICK HERE
Image available?Yes - see below Diving Experience:Very Experienced
Diving Information:
  • Still in one piece, lying upright with bow pointing to North.
  • Hole in the stern.
  • Seabed rises steeply close to wreck.
  • Dive slack High Water Belfast +/- 1 hour.
Historical Information:
  • Built 1892 by Scott & Co., Bowling for William Robertson of Glasagow she grossed 401 tons and measured 43.40 x 7.64 x 3.25m. and was powerd by a 66h.p. 2 cylinder compound steam engine.
  • At time of loss was part of Belfast's John Kelly fleet and she was commanded by Captain H. Montgomery.
  • U-boats would often capture small vessels, order their crew off, and sink them by gunfire, or explosives as was the case of the "Amber".
  • The same U-boat also sunk four other vessels by the same method, on the same day, three off Ballyhalbert and one off Portavogie - the "Derrymore", "Morion", "Saint Mungo" and the sailing vessel "Ernest".

S.S. Amber

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South Co. Down Wreck List "A"

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